Is BARF cheaper then feeding kibble?

Is BARF Cheaper Than Feeding Kibble?

What Is The Difference Between BARF Dog Food And Kibble?

Barf dog food is a type of dog food which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF). This diet consists of raw meat, organs, bones, and small amount of vegetables. It is similar to what a dog would have eaten in the wild. The ingredients are not cooked, heated, or processed so the food maintains its natural nutritional value. To learn more about BARF, you can read our article here. The health benefits are many and varied.

On the other hand, kibble dog food is a type of processed dry food. It typically consists of small, crunchy pieces of food that are made from a variety of ingredients, such as meat, grains, vegetables, and fruits. Kibble is usually cooked with high-temperature processing to make it shelf-stable. It is a convenient and economical option for feeding your dog and is often fortified with vitamins and minerals to reintroduce the nutrients which were lost during the heating process. Grain-free kibble is also available as another option.

Does BARF Dog Food Really Cost More?

Most people that learn about feeding a raw food diet or BARF to their pet, would be more than happy to make the change and help their fur friend live as long and healthy a life they can, but all too often, people don’t make the switch and the most common reason is because of financial reasons.

In a predominantly money driven world, cost is taken into account when making decisions on everything. And more often than not, people choose to pay $120/month on the bag of kibble they buy rather than $150/month on Raw & Fresh pet food delivery.

Unfortunately comparing a commercial pet food diet like kibble/dry food to Raw & Fresh is of course like comparing apples and oranges - they’re completely different products!

It's Not Just About The Upfront Cost

Feeding a Raw & Fresh / BARF diet is most likely going to cost more at the checkout than most kibbles, but have you weighed up all the costs that it will be saving you over the months or years at the vet?

For example, the most common health concern in pets these days is obesity and health matters related to it i.e. breathing difficulty, osteoarthritis, heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure and an increased risk of developing malignant tumors. And you know the best way to manage weight is, just like humans, with fresh unprocessed foods, like Raw & Fresh!

Unfortunately merely by loving pets too much and feeding them highly processed foods and too many sugar filled treats, humans can actually be doing more damage than good!

Or another example, people come to me who are spending a small fortune on steroid creams to help their pet overcome their allergies, but are inadvertently hindering any efforts by continuing to feed them the kibble the pet is actually allergic to! Once they make the switch to Raw & Fresh, they no longer have to visit the vet constantly and buy medications to set them back $200+ per month.

If you have a pet that is spending too much time (and money) at the vet, get in touch with us today to see if changing to a Raw & Fresh diet can help them on their way to a healthier (virtually vet-less) future.