Raw pet food diet

Clean eating.

It’s a term we are hearing more and more these days, but do you know what it means?

The term Clean Eating is essentially referring to a diet that will mainly consist of eating whole or ‘real’ foods that have endured as little processing and handling as possible before reaching your plate.

We all know of the excessive amount of colourings, additives, chemicals and preservatives used in processed foods, and the associated health and behavioural issues that have been linked to excessive consumption of such foods in humans. The solution? Try our best to eliminate as much of that as possible.

So, with the torch shining on what WE are putting into OUR bodies for fuel, it only seems natural that this way of thinking is spreading to our furry family members too – what do you feed your dog to fuel them?

It’s with this question the term Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) comes up which essentially is a pet version of ‘Clean Eating’.


How do we implement a ‘Clean Eating’ (BARF) Diet on our pets?

Easy! Just start with some small changes.

Rather than giving your pooch a whole bowl of preservative filled dry dog food, try lessening the kibble amount and add FRESH food instead. Perhaps some mince? Or a raw meaty bone? You may even discover that your pooch has a real thing for fresh vegetables (mine do). Try to avoid mass amounts of carbs like pasta and rice, as your pet doesn’t get anything nutritionally from that.

Over time, increase the fresh food intake and lessen the preserved foods (some is still ok in small doses).

A lot of people are surprised how quickly their pet takes to a more natural way of eating and are usually amazed at the health and behavioural changes they start to see almost immediately. Here is a list of some of the improvement that you can expect to see:

Mental health improvements include:

  • Generally a more calm and relaxed dog (free of preservatives).

  • Ability to focus and learn better.

  • More content and naturally fulfilled dog (supplying a species appropriate diet = an overall happier pet).

  • Chewing bones is fantastic mental stimulation for bored dogs.

Physical health improvements include:

  • Skin and coat quality

  • Better digestion

  • More energy

  • Healthier organ functionality 
  • Not always looking for food (real food takes longer to digest which helps them feel full for longer).


Is my dog getting all the nutrients they require?

There are pet food companies out there, like Raw & Fresh, that can supply complete meals (with all vitamins and minerals) in a more natural, preservative free state. Alternatively, you can add supplements to your pets’ food.

It is very important to ensure your dog or cat is getting the nutrients they need to avoid potential health implications down the track.


In Summary

If you have a pet that is suffering from a health or behavioural issue, rather than trying different medications and or training techniques, try looking at their diet first! It could be as simple as changing their fuel.



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