What is the Ideal Diet For My Pet?

An easy answer you would think! However, in a world of mass marketing, fancy packaging and every product promising the world – weight loss, bright shiny coat, teeth cleaning etc it becomes very confusing!

Let’s get back to basics!

Starting from a human perspective, our diet should be balanced, eating a wide variety of fresh vegetables, protein, good fats and carbohydrates. It goes without saying that a diet consisting of highly processed foods with lots of carbohydrate and sugar isn’t going to be a healthy one! It increases the risk of many terrible diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer to name a few. So if we know that that type of diet is bad for us, lets ask what goes into out pet food, majority of which is dry biscuits (kibble). Kibble – highly processed, mainly consisting of cheap carbohydrates (grain, wheat, potato starch) low quality protein – animal by product and fat by product (left over bones and tissue, boiled, crushed and turned into animal by product and fat) preservatives for long shelf life and synthetic vitamins and minerals.

What should a dog eat?

If again we look back to the past, we know that dogs are descendants of wolves which are carnivores (meat eaters) if we look at dog’s teeth, they have sharp canines designed for ripping and tearing meat. Dogs have a natural instinct to eat meat and also have a short intestine track which is also another sign of a carnivorous animal. So if dogs are carnivores and their species is designed to eat meat, why do we feed them a diet solely full of highly processed carbohydrates, synthetic vitamins, meat by products, fillers, colour’s and preservatives?

Our dogs should be eating a diet they are designed to eat. Fresh meat, Offal (liver, heart, kidneys etc) and a small amount of fresh vegetables (note – some veg is toxic to dogs!) Dogs thrive on this type of BARF dog food diet (Biologically Appropriate Dog Food) because they are eating what they are designed to eat, it really is that simple! If you're just getting started on a raw food diet for your pet, our raw food starter packs are a great place to start!


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